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Tony Woods                           High Seas


                                                Wind Shadows

                                                Hidden Fires


Homemade Orchestra             Tides

                                                Inside Covers


Avalon Trio                            Forlana


MooV                                     Fold



Colin Riley                              Science Fictions


Issie Barratt                            Astral Pleasures


David Beebee                          Gaya


Polyphony                              Tavener: Choral Works

                                                Whitacre: Cloudburst + other works

                                                American Polyphony


Holst Singers                           The John Tavener Collection


Various                                    Tavener: The Veil of the Temple


Temple Church Choir             Bernstein: Chichester Psalms


Icebreaker                                Terminal Velocity


                                                Rogues Gallery


Gerard McChrystal                Meeting Point


English Symphony Orchestra Copland


Bournemouth SO                    Tippet: New Year Suite


Karl Jenkins Ensemble            Imagined Oceans


Paul McCartney                     Egypt Station (4 tracks)



Commercials:                          Fa shampoo (Karl Jenkins)

                                                Felix - Alarm (Jonathan Goldstein)

                                                Nestle (Stephen Warbeck)

                                                Gordons gin (Phil Pope)


                                                Nescafe Gold Blend (Ben Pope)

                                                Royal Carribean (Ben Pope)

                                                Lexus – Swarm (Jonathan Goldstein)




Film + TV:                              The Other Man

                                                Mr Benn (The Gladiator)

                                                Just William


                                                Fungus the Bogeyman

                                                Hollow Crown (2 Episodes)

The Children Act

The Time of their Lives

The Journey

Arctic Heart

Play On! Shakespeare in Silent Film

Down to Earth

The Dresser

Keeping Rosy

The Tempest

It Happened in St Tropez

A Young Doctor’s Notebook (1 Episode)


There be Dragons

As You Like It

Mission Impossible 5 (trailer)

Broken Lines


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